Project Review & Management

Formalized review of a project request by a committee of project resources and directors.

The commercial representative shall initiate contract review meeting to review all the requirements shall include manufacturing feasibility review and shall sign the team feasibility commitment. Sales Manager shall identify the project leader and APQP core team members consists of cross functional team to assure proper multidiscilinary approach process during new product introduction.

Project management may be a challenging assignment regardless of the business or specific undertaking. However, administrative discipline and monitoring are required more than anything else when it comes to injection molding projects rather important than the timely delivery of reliable product supplies.

The plastic injection molding is the manufacturing process by which plastic parts are designed, engineered, molded, and produced in large scale quantities with precision, mechanically functional, and decorative appearance.

There are numbers of things we need to weigh into a project review as below : –

Part Design
The part geometry to consider are within the requirement of “Design for Manufacturing”.
Choosing the right polymer properties need to be researched and evaluation.
It is a primary tool required to meet for production efficiency and consistency. There will be many decisions to make regarding tooling design structure depending on how many parts, volume, and product quality.
The above main factors are interrelated, and the decisions concluded about part design, material, and tooling will have a direct impact on the kind of machinery selection.

These are not the only factors and there will have many more decisions to make along the project development. Asking the right questions and sharing information from the start with customer will be vital to the success of project venture.

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