Mold Design & Fabrication


Mold Design & Fabrication

With a fully integrated 3D CAD / CAM system, our experienced mold designers and engineers can transform a highly complicated product design into a precision-finished product. The standard part data retrieving format is STEP, STL, PARASOLID, IGES, DWG & DXF.

A good product derives from a well-designed mold construction. The approach of PPAP providing info lead to precise machining that determines part manufacturability and mold life cycle; the key components of mold design are of utmost importance to meet the part’s unique specifications. The mold development thru “Design for Manufacturing” gave an institution path to success.

The mold development thru "Design for Manufacturing" serves one or more purposes to increase the life of the mold and enhance the overall performance and durability of the final product.

List Of Mold Fabrication Machineries
1CNC MillingHAAS / Fanus4
2CNC EDMMitsubishi4
3CNC EDM Wire CutSodick2
4Surface GrindingChevalier4
6CNC DrillZonjet1
7Turning LatheYunnan1
8Radial DrillTone1
9Super Drill NC EDMTone1
10Laser WeldingToyo1
Part Design
Simplify design aligned with design rules of mold release criteria.
Production Volume
Mold loading capacity requires durable replication without wearing out after a few uses.
Project Timeline
Complete progress schedule control on design, matching and fitting to assemble for mould trial.
Quality Requirement
Determine part tolerances that require precise and cosmetic contact of mold construction.
Part Material
Material choice of higher melting point and abrasiveness will require mold that is durable with the least degradation.

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