Quality Control

Mandatory Quality Assurance Procedure. Quality is only the beginning of our service.

The quality control begin from testing products, reviewing manufacturing processes, and creating benchmarks, detection capability and inspection plan. The purpose of the quality control is to determine any needs for corrective actions in the manufacturing process. This is all done to monitor significant variations in a product in fulfilling quality requirements. The customers expect and demand for high-quality products.

By monitoring products quality in the process as well as reviewing the products’ design, the early detection able to minimized defective products been delivered to customer.

Adopting the effective quality control in manufacturing is more involved in two levels : –

Operators monitor the manufacturing process and ensure that there is zero variation by effective detection.
Engineers routinely monitor the product design for issues. When a problem is found, it is can be rectify immediately.

The Process Control Plan will be developed base on potential failure that been identified in PFMEA

The instituted Quality Control Activities are as below : –

Step 1
Vendor audit to validate registration of supplier capabilities
Step 2
Incoming inspection of raw material
Step 3
Parts testing from pre-production confirmation from QC prior for mass production
Step 4
Standard timely interval in-process inspection
Step 5
Quality control on visual and critical dimensions inspection
Step 6
Final outgoing inspection of finish goods for delivery

Being aware of common defects in a plastic injection molding. Knowing and understanding the defects also helps pinpoint the underlying cause of the problem.

Black specks and streaks
Cracking or fine cracks
Delamination or separation of layers
Flow Lines
Sink Marks

The injection plastics molding defects could be attributed mainly from the following causes : –

The molding machine
The mold construction
The plastic raw material
The molding machine operator, the human handling criteria

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