Professional Support

Fast respond on any professional support need, and provide the effective solution to help.

We are working with complex injection molding, engineering resins and high contents glass filled & additive raw materials.

We works with customers to develop new products, rapid prototyping, products testing, mold fabrication, critical dimension control plastic parts, functional testing, sub assembly and box build a complete product.

We provide solution others than in Plastic Mold Engineering, Contract Manufacturing, Automated & Manual Assembly, Rapid Prototyping, R&D, Joining, Decorating and Bonding for various manufacturing process.

We work directly with customer to improve client product ideas, plastic products re-engineering, process review and propose alternative raw material for manufacturability rather than cost saving.

We work with customers to create or improve 2-D prints and 3-D part models.

We study and propose reverse engineer for metal , composite, plastic injection molded parts by re-design, re-engineer, mold-flow analysis, modifications and re-produce the components transforming into plastic part.

TRISEN is experienced in molding all thermoplastics, specializing in engineering, high performance, and glass reinforced resins.

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